PROMAP is a multi-dimensional survey practice offering precision and cost effective survey solutions to a wide range of clients, not only within the borders of South Africa, but a wide range of industry leaders throughout Southern Africa. Africa Promap embraces the latest technologies in hardware and software to empower us to deliver our clients with the competitive edge required to succeed in today's fast paced business.

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PROMAP Surveys

Our core business focus is digital aerial photography & airborne lidar scanning. In addition, we focus on traditional engineering topographical based surveys, a discipline on which the company was built. For more information on our core disciplines and how we can be of service, click on an image below.


Topographical Survey
Engineering & Topographical
Aerial Survey
Aerial Survey & Mapping
Lidar Survey
Airborne LiDAR Scanning

Specialist services

Powerline Survey
Powerline Engineering
Rehabilitation Monitoring
Rehabilitation Monitoring
Mine Survey
Mine “Month End” Surveys