Engineering Survey

Engineering Survey


Engineering and Topographical Surveys For Infrastructural Development & Construction

Traditionally, engineering surveys have been the backbone of PROMAP’s services, where the company has acquired over 17 years experience in the field. PROMAP is the preferred service provider for a number of national and international consulting engineering firms, civil infrastructure contractors, municipal town councils and government departments in South Africa and throughout the African continent. In addition, PROMAP has been a contracted service provider to the South African electricity utility company (ESKOM) for the past 17 years.

The scale of Promap’s operation varies from both the very small to the very large, and all manner of projects in between. Promap covers every aspect of engineering, typified by the following services:

Engineering survey services

Transmission Line Surveys
We have undertaken the surveys of transmission and distribution lines (Low, Medium and High Voltage), substations, towers and networks, during the design or construction phase. Our linear services include:

  • Route Selection Surveys
  • Profile Surveys
  • Providing survey control for bush-clearing operations
  • Tower Pegging
  • Setting out of Self-supporting, Guyd Structures and Stubs
  • As-built surveys and GIS capturing

Infrastructural Construction Surveys
The primary philosophy of the PROMAP product is the emphasis on accuracy. The planning and construction of a given project cannot be achieved to its highest potential without careful attention to detail combined with the latest technology. The standard of our product is matched only by the skill and commitment of our staff as well as our dedication to delivering our product on time, every time. From a survey perspective, all aspects are comprehensively covered, from the setting out of the project works, construction quality control, as well as the full-time or part-time measurement of quantities. All surveyors are fully competent in the use of COLTO, NEC and FIDIC, to ensure maximum compliance.

For civil engineering contractors or in a supervisory capacity for consulting engineers, PROMAP offers the following services:

  • Establishment of survey control networks
  • Topographical DTM & Detail Surveys (Ground Method)
  • Setting out of infrastructure (Earthworks, Roads, Buildings, Dams, Pipe Lines etc.) for construction
  • Volumetric surveys (Layer-works, earthworks, borrow-pits etc.)