Environmental Services

Environmental Services


The Environmental Services Division of PROMAP carries out all facets of environmental impact studies. Our aim is to exceed international standards and the expectations of our clients, in order to aid development and protect the unique natural environment and cultural heritage of sub-Saharan Africa.

Environmental Services

Our services include:

  • Biodiversity Surveys
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental Management Program Reports (EMPR)
  • Ecological Monitoring
  • Rehabilitation
  • Dangerous Wildlife & Reptile Training
  • Heritage & Socio-Economic

Africa is under the spotlight, more than any other time in history. Mineral resources, cultural development, economic growth and biodiversity are the backbone of the continent and are growing faster in Africa than anywhere else on earth. Power lines, mines, hydroelectric schemes, roads, rail networks and pipelines bring services to people and their communities, in the process helping to create jobs and build the economies of developing nations. These are challenging projects. There are many challenges in balancing construction, engineering, logistics and economic viability with environmental sustainability. Too often, sustainability gives way to exploitation and it is vital to continue the process of environmental accountability as Africa becomes more linked to the economic world.

Founded in 2010, PROMAP Environmental Services has been designed to bridge the gap between infrastructure developments (engineering, design, geo-technical surveying) and environmental studies. We recognize that all aspects of development are linked and by working together, the mutual benefits of our strengths will filter into the quality and efficiency of our collective works. We have a deep commitment to the needs of the African continent and are dedicated to protecting its integrity, as well as striving to facilitate sustainable infrastructure development

Environmental assessments in Africa is an inherently difficult process, involving on-the-ground, hands-on work in all weather, across great distances, in difficult terrain and harsh vegetation, with little or no logistical support. Complying with the legal requirement for environmental assessment often results in huge financial costs for clients seeking to achieve a balance between sustainable development and protection of the environment.

To overcome these challenges and to provide the best possible service, we have recognized the need to integrate our skill sets and move forward in the same direction, for the good of Africa.