Traditionally, engineering based surveys, utilizing conventional “ground” techniques, has been the primary focus of the company’s core business. More than 18 years of expertise has been accumulated in this way. Over the years, Promap has seen the need to diversify and re-invent itself as our client’s needs & technology has changed.

Embracing these changes requires that PROMAP utilize specialist staff in each of the core service fields to deliver optimized solutions to our clients where accuracy is of importance. As a result, Promap has become the preferred service provider for a number of national and international consulting engineering firms, civil infrastructure contractors, municipal town councils and government departments both within South Africa and throughout the African continent.

The scale of Promap’s operation varies from both the very small to the very large & now covers a wide range of expertise.

Promap currently offers the following services and products:

  • Engineering and Topographical surveys
    • Control networks
    • Profiles & design
    • Centre-line staking
    • Tower pegging
    • As-Built and detail surveys
  • Digital Aerial photography & LiDAR surveys
    • Ortho-photography
    • Stereoscopic detail mapping
    • LiDAR-point clouds
    • Digital terrain models (DTM) & surface models (DSM)
  • Transmission line design & construction
    • Optimized route selection
    • Design of overhead transmission & distribution lines
    • Close-visual helicopter and ground-based inspection of overhead lines
    • Infrared thermal inspection of lines, substations and railway systems
  • Environmental and rehabilitation surveys
    • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
    • Rehabilitation
    • Biodiversity Studies