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Promap has an established and experienced survey team and geospatial professionals many of whom have worked in the survey industry in Africa for some time either with Promap or for our sister company Geosense Limited. Many of our staff are registered with the South African Geomatics Council. Some of the key Promap team members are detailed below.

Meshack Thathane, Senior Airborne Survey Operator

Meshack who joined Promap in 2015 is an experienced airborne survey operator with over 5,000 operational hours under his belt. He has an extensive knowledge of international aerial and field survey operations with experience in Eastern Europe, Africa, UK and the Middle East. He is competent on many different types of sensors and navigation equipment including Leica, Vexcel, Visionmap, IGI, Riegl, Phase One, Track Air, GravNaf. He has good attention to detail and is an effective team player. Meshack has worked in many countries undertaking aerial survey including the United Kingdom, South Arica, Turkey, Nigeria, Uganda, Iraq, Qatar, Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania.

Silindile Gwala, Imagery Quality Assurance Manager

Silindile has been with the Geospatial team since March 2005 and as part of the integration with Promap in 2015 became Image Quality Manager. From 2007 - 2010 Silindile worked as a supervisor on the Ordnance Survey Image Management (OSIM). She has built a considerable skill set in image analysis, image finalising, image colour balancing and mosaicing. She now heads the Image Quality team and is an Accredited Image Analyst with the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain.

Roelof Botha, Chief Pilot

Roelof is a knowledgeable and dedicated commercial pilot with a passion for aviation who has clocked up over 2000 hours flying time. He joined Promap permanently in September 2015 after many years working for Promap and Geosense on contract basis. Roelof has flown survey in many Southern African countries and prior to being a Survey Pilot, was a Flight Instructor.

Xoliswa Nombewu, Image Finalising Manager

Xoliswa joined Geosense in 2005 as a Geospatial Analyst where she worked primarily on GIS data capture projects and Image Finalising. From 2007-2010 Xoliswa worked on the Ordnance Survey Image Management (OSIM) team. She has built a considerable skill set in image analysis and image finalising whilst working on the OSIM and other image mosaic projects. As part of the integration with Promap, Xoliswa now manages a team of 10 Image Finaliser’s and is responsible for all Image mosaicing and finalising. She was part of the team which successfully gained full operational accreditation from the Ordnance Survey in 2014, and part of the team that maintains accreditation. Xoliswa has worked on RGB, NIR, CIR, and true ortho products on imagery resolutions ranging from 3cm to 50cm GSD and from all parts of the world including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Holland, Angola, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

Carolyn Makgati, Registered Surveyor

Carolyn joined Promap in 2013 as a Registered Surveyor and she primarily undertakes post survey data processing and field surveying.  She has over 5 years’ experience working in Aerial Photogrammetric Survey, GIS (mapping geospatial Information, data capturing, reporting on GIS progress) and Construction Engineering Survey. She is currently completing her BTech in Surveying at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Nthomeni Magelegeda, Engineering Surveyor

Nthomeni is responsible for undertaking surveys of power line structures during the design or construction phase using Trimble GPS.  In 2012 he obtained his BSc in Mine Surveying at the University of Venda and he is currently studying to complete Advance Mine Surveying with the Chamber of Mines.

Tougeed Adams

Tougeed has been in the Geospatial Industry for nearly 30 years having worked initially as a Photogrammetrist he joined Promap in January 2012 and commenced training as a LiDAR Analyst. He now has extensive knowledge in LiDAR data processing as well as aerial triangulation, DEM and orthophoto generation and digital mapping procedures.

Hennie De Wet, LiDAR Manager

Hennie is a registered surveyor with Plato with more than 30 years’ experience in the Geomatics field. He has extensive experience throughout Africa in the fields of aerial surveys, LiDAR surveys and ground surveys. He specialises in aerial survey data interpretation and precision photogrammetry. In 1985 he was appointed as Technical surveyor with Eskom and obtained his National Diploma in Surveying at the Cape Technikon in 1987, then obtained a National Higher Diploma (Surveying) from the ML Sultan Technikon, Durban in 1992.

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