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PROMAP specialises in the provision of aerial survey services across sub-Saharan Africa and we have undertaken photography and LiDAR projects in numerous countries across sub-Saharan Africa. With a diverse client base, our customers include central government agencies, municipalities’,  leading utility companies such as Eskom plus major mining houses such as Anglo and Glencore. 

PROMAP are specialists in the delivery aerial imagery and LiDAR surveys providing aerial photography, mapping, height and LiDAR data to help mining companies manage their work, their workforce, and their network assets. We provide a range of innovative Aerial Photography and LiDAR survey services to support a wide range of business essential mining applications. 

As a leading provider of power-line engineering and corridor mapping for the utility sector, PROMAP has been a contracted service provider to the South African electricity utility company (ESKOM) for the past 17 years. We provide surveys to assist with the design, route selection, construction and maintenance of power transmission lines and corridor mapping and surveys are also undertaken to assist with power-line maintenance inspections.

Local government valuations departments, city planners, and property valuation professionals are realising the benefits of data derived from aerial imagery surveys. Our survey services and their derived data sets are used for a wide range of strategic purposes by both central government and municipalities in South Africa.

The planning and construction of infrastructure projects rely on accurate and up to date geospatial data gathered from aerial, LiDAR and ground surveys.  PROMAP is the preferred survey service provider for a number of national and international consulting engineering firms, civil infrastructure contractors.


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