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PROMAP has been a contracted service provider to the South African electricity utility company (ESKOM) for the past 17 years.

We provide surveys to assist with the design, route selection, construction and maintenance of power transmission lines and corridor mapping:

Most advanced data to select the route planning and construction with the lowest environmental and economical costs. Identification and calculation of slopes changes for templating and design. Capacity to predict actual and future areas prone to flooding. Ensures that the terrain’s morphology is good enough to meet the planning/construction requirements

The accurate terrain measurements allow assessing the feasibility of construction in such places as, e.g. Valleys between mountains, hills and dunes

Electrical and structural design. The type of the terrain, i.e. rocky, heavily vegetated, existence of water bodies. Better definition of the failure surfaces, deformation patterns, and morphologies required for understanding failure modes. High-resolution data for evaluation of analytical and numerical models of terrain deformations


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