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Promap are specialists in the delivery aerial imagery and LiDAR surveys providing aerial photography, mapping, height and LiDAR data to help mining companies manage their work, their workforce, and their network assets.

We provide a range of innovative Aerial Photography and LiDAR survey services to support a wide range of business essential mining applications and our surveys help those in the mining sector undertake their essential business operations.  

The data derived from aerial imagery and LiDAR surveys are helping to increase efficiency, improve safety and maximise profitability in the African mining sector:

  • Thermal imaging of stockpiles - As leaders in the field in aerial survey technology we utilise thermal imaging sensors to assist mines in the identification and monitoring of subsidence and of subsurface burning of coal stockpiles

  • Concession mapping - We also provide coverage of the full concession mining area captured from our large format digital cameras. Products include high-resolution image mosaics at 5cm GSD, Digital Surface Models (DSM’s), Digital Terrain Models (DTM’s) and the provision of 2D and 3D vector line maps of the concessions

  • Monthly stock pile volume calculations - We can deploy aircraft fitted with the LiDAR and imaging system, capture the data and then supply the completed calculations the very next day. It is a very cost efficient, safe and highly accurate service that assists those in the mining sector with their asset and management reporting and volume requirements



We provide access to the best photography and LiDAR technology available, delivering the highest levels of detail and accuracy available in the mining market today. In addition our data hosting, streaming and analysis services are also available to help you make the most of your geospatial data.


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